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Want to know the without matric certificate list of courses you can study? Here is a list of courses courses you can study without matric with TWP Academy:


All of these courses can help you gain knowledge in a field of your choice. They can be completed part time through through distance learning.

All these courses are fully accredited by the ICB, or give you CBD points (OHS).


What Qualifications can I start today without matric?

These are the three qualifications you can start today even if you do not have matric:


Each of these qualifications will give you access to higher level qualifications.  This means that if you start one of these qualifications today complete it successfully it will give you access to the next level.  In this way you can move from a Grade 10 qualification, right through to a National Diploma – which is two levels higher than a matric.

And after that you will have access to even higher study, with qualifications like CIMA.  These give you qualifications on the same level as university.


How can I study without a Matric Certificate?

Some individuals think that without a matric certificate you can not study further, or get a decent job. Well they are wrong.

Academically matric is a certification on NQF level 4. And there are many courses you can study that are also certified on NQF level 4. They won’t offer you a matric certificate, but they will provide you a recognised, acknowledged alternative qualifications. And you can utilize them to study up to NQF level 6 (National Diploma level).

The entry requirement to these type of qualifications are that you should be older than 16, and that you must have completed your Grade 10. You need to also be able to check out, compose and comprehend English, given that the courses are given in English.

Much of these alternative courses of study are much better targeted at a career or job, than matric. Matric does not prepare you for any particular job. It is actually just an entry to further research studies.

At Skills Academy We provide career-focussed training via distance learning for individuals who have actually not finished their matric. And for individuals who did complete matric, however they can not acquire entry into a university or college.


How can I study without Mathematics?

When you start a course at NQF level 3 (one year lower than the matric academic level) then you don’t require mathematics to get entry to the course. If the course includes maths, then it begins at a Grade 10 or Grade 11 level.

So, you do not require matric mathematics to start one of these courses.


Job-related Studies

When you start trying to find a job you will get to understand what employers are trying to find in the real world. Your life experience, real work experience, and qualification and abilities that you can right away utilize in your job, are seriously important.

In this situation you will discover that your career-related studies are often more valuable to an employer than a theoretical certification. The career-related courses are typically more concentrated on real business problems and the best ways to solve them.

Remember that you complete your first qualification after only 4 subjects.  You will then be able to start looking for work in your new field. Gaining relevant experience in your field will help you immensely in future as you increase your qualifications and look for higher and higher level positions.


Last updated: November 03, 2018

without matric certificate list of courses you can study
without matric certificate list of courses you can study
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