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What can I study if I failed matric is a question so many students have to ask themselves.  It feels heartbreaking when you do not pass, but you do not have to go back and repeat the year.  There are great qualifications that you can study to keep your career on the go!

What can I study if I failed matric?

Even if you failed matric there is a great answer for you!  Our private distance learning college can give you a second chance. It is not the end … it is a fresh start. The fact is that just half of the kids who begin school will ever get to matric. Even if you get to being in a matric class, your odds of going to university are minimal.  If you failed matric it must feel like a real disaster.

But worry not!

Lots of South Africans will study from home after they leave school. When you start in your very first fulltime job, you will understand precisely what you need to know and precisely what you wish to study, to attain advancement and a career in your occupation.

When you have Failed matric distance education colleges can help you get back on track. If you are feeling down about your matric results – get assistance. If you never got matric many years back, stop feeling embarrassed about it.

 Here’s a list of courses you can study without matric.

Many South Africans Failed Matric

There are various countless working grownups studying from home, studying part-time, and studying with distance learning in South Africa. You can be among them this year!

However by the time you are thinking about further studies, it is typically far too late to acquire excellent matric outcomes. Many students wish to study after matric, but they do not have the right topics to get admission to a college or other university.

Studying further without a Matric Certificate

We have many fully accredited, excellent programs that will take you level higher than a matric where you do not need a matric to gain entry.  In fact our ICB programmes only require a grade 10!

We also have many non accredited skills courses, such as Occupational Health and Safety that will not require you to have a matric to gain entry.

Interested in getting your matric? It’s not too late! Find out all you need to know right here.

Can I study without Maths?

Yes, if you select a course for which Maths is not an entry requirement. For our ICB courses you do not need maths, however it is highly advisable.  You will receive a maths literacy update, but you will struggle if you did not do maths at school.


Study ICB Courses

Even if you have failed matric distance education colleges offer accredited ICB courses that you can study. The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) use a series of courses that you can study from home. You can start at a scholastic level registered below Matric, and work you approach as much as 2 levels greater than matric (NQF 6 level).

You can study all these courses through accredited distance study institutes, like Skills Academy.


Distance education colleges can help you to get a certificate

When you study without matric, you can select from many colleges and numerous courses. Many of them provide part time studies, or distance learning as an alternative.

Take a look at our distance learning courses.


Part-time studies

For those who have Failed matric distance education colleges also offer part-time courses. Part-time study suggests that you study in the nights after work. And you can also study on Saturdays. You will discover many colleges provide part-time studies.

The classes are scheduled and will assist you to preserve a disciplined program. Some colleges utilizes night school for grownups and day school for matriculants in addition to weekend classes.


Distance Learning/ Home Study

This alternative is more flexible, specifically if your college provides you lots of specific help.

If you failed matric distance education colleges also offer courses you can study from home. Home study colleges use programmes which will work for people who are used and who can not require time off from work to go to classes.


Is Distance Learning right for me?

Home Study has really ended up being progressively popular over the past couple of years, and for lots of individuals it is prepared for to wind up being the favored choice of additional education.

There are a couple of reasons that home study is a rewarding option to enhancing your education and improving your capabilities:


You do not go to classes

Home Study means that you don’t physically go to the institution through which you study. This indicates that you don’t have to travel to go to classes or look for a place to stay if you live far away from a city. You have the ability to study from your home without investing loan in taking a trip and lodging.

if you have a full-time job you do not have to plan your after-work time around classes or rush to go to classes at nights.


Help in the online classrooms and chat groups

For those who have failed Matric distance education colleges can give you student support even if you study from home. Home Study service providers normally have online study groups/classrooms and discussion forums, where you can communicate with fellow students and tutors, go over course products and request assistance.What can I study if I failed matric

They have actually tutors designated to different courses who assist you to better comprehend your course material. Your tutors offer suggestions and provide feedback on tasks.


Affordable – pay regular monthly

If you have failed matric distance education colleges offer an affordable alternative to study further.By eliminating the extra costs that accompany studying you just have to pay tuition, and a lot of home study colleges have payment options. You have the choice to pay for your home studies on a routine month-to-month basis.

Normally your study materials are consisted of in your tuition charges. This means you don’t have to spend cash on purchasing textbooks.


Study, even with a full-time job

Many home study institutions permit you to study only a few subjects at a time. This is so that trainees don’t feel overloaded by the work.

Home Study colleges send your course material in batches. That you can complete a module and its tasks prior to moving on to the next module. This allows you the opportunity to focus on something at a time – making it simpler to absolutely comprehend your course product and still take part in your other duties.


A lot easier entry requirements

It is a lot much simpler to register for a home study course. The majority of the courses do not require Matric. The courses differ from business programs, that just need grade 10, to certified programs that use entry level courses that just need grade 10 or 11.


Can I study at Unisa?

No, you can not study at Unisa without a matric. Unisa is the precise same as all other South African universities. To obtain a seat you must use. You should have the right topics in matric. And you require to get outstanding results for those subjects.

With Unisa and all our Universities there are up to 10 prospects for every single offered seat. So even if you pass matric with good marks and the perfect subjects, you are still not ensured entry at a university.

What can I study if I failed matric

Why work and study at the same time?

In the workplace it is not merely one credentials that recognizes your position. Continue studying and making every effort. The self-starter who works more vigilantly than anyone else is frequently the person with the absolute best opportunity of a promotion.

Also, you need work experience to get a job!  Even with a master degree you will battle to get a great job until you have relevant work experience.  So working and studying at the same time makes sure that as your qualifications progress you will be able to get higher and higher levels job as your qualifications roll in!


Last Updated: February 20, 2020 

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