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Together We Pass serves as a online student website that support UNISA trainees through their studying and help them achieve their academic goals. The website is a platform that connects students and lecturers together. This helps when learners are finding difficulty in their studies, to ask for help on the groups they are in.


More about Together We PassTogether We Pass

UNISA learners can access the social learning service offered by Together We Pass. Over 6 years we have helped over 12500 pupils, and had amazing feedback on how well our system works. Through this, our learners have received some of the highest marks, and we are proud of our graduates who made it through.


Our core beliefs

  • For our learners to get the support they need to succeed, our peer-to-peer social learning study groups are a great and cost effective way to do just that.
  • If they discuss their subjects, collaborate on tasks or exam revision and share their study materials. We believe that every UNISA student will improve their perception (and their marks).
  • We will continue to find new and better way to help our learners, and make sure that “Together We Pass”.

Make sure that you join to start improving your own perception. Together We Pass offers registered learners access to the study materials they need, UNISA task comparisons, a learner forum that is grouped together by subjects and group revision before exams.


What is Together We Pass’ Relationship with UNISA?

Together We Pass is not UNISA, it is a Private Company and does not hold a collaboration agreement with UNISA. Any reference codes is a reference to official UNISA codes. The material provided are prescribed, we do not copy their codes nor do we represent them as our own.  Our lecturers work through it with the learners to offer the best academic support.


Is Together We Pass Accredited by UNISA?

We are not accredited by UNISA. Through the prescribed material and the questions asked in previous examinations, TWP offers scholarly support based on those to help students. We are not the authors of UNISA study guides or the prescribed textbooks.


Why Does Together We Pass Offer Independent Tuition Support?

Through a community that supports and helps each other, Together We Pass has brought learners together online for the past 8 years to make sure you don’t feel left out while studying.

The purpose of our approach is so great because the process of discussing ideas and theories with your peers are one of the best ways of increasing your knowledge.

Through the highly effective and affordable online social involvement, our mission is to enable every pupil to reach their full potential in their studies.


What is an Online Study Group?

An online study group allows you to engage with your lecturers and your fellow students.  This not only helps you to understand your course better, but also makes sure you don’t feel isolated and alone when studying by distance learning.


What do I get in my study group?

  • Get access to your lecturer from TWP Academy
  • Interact with learners studying the same subjects as yourself.
  • Ask learners questions about topics you don’t fully understand.
  • Help other learners who don’t understand.
  • Work through and compare tasks before handing it to TWP Academy or the ICB
  • Revise and work through past exams with learners.
  • Discuss difficult information.
  • Share materials such as study notes and mock test papers.

How does an Online Study Group work?

You can join from anywhere in the world, because everything we do is online. We provide:

Why does TWP Academy provide Online Study Groups?

We believe that study groups can and should be an important part of the distance learning students life.  You improve your understanding, get new perspectives, and are able to get help you need it most.

However, it can be very problematic meeting in person. This is why we encourage all of our learners to make use of the Together We Pass study groups. If you fully participate in it, it can be extremely beneficial and has a low cost, and provides students with the opportunity to communicate and engage with other learners, as well as improve their final marks in the exam.

ICB Information

Did you know that Together We Pass and TWP Academy are both accredited to offer accounting and bookkeeping courses by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)? TWP Academy is now offering fully accredited distance learning accounting and bookkeeping courses, and Together We Pass is offering online study groups for ICB learners!
ICB logo (1)

ICB courses can take you from a Grade 10 (standard 8) all the way to NQF level 6, and give you entry to higher education studies.  It also teaches you accounting step by step, so it is great for anyone who has ever battled to pass their studying modules at UNISA.  So if you feel like giving up your UNISA studies entirely don’t feel hopeless.  Maybe switching to a course where you are given much more input and support will help you reach your dreams by a slightly different route.


Last Updated: September 24, 2018

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