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OHS Representative

OHS Representative Certificate

Course Information

Course  TWP Academy OHS Representitive Certificate
 Programme Type  Provider Short Course
 Partner Institute  Not Applicable
 Award Type  TWP Academy Certificate
 Award Issued By  TWP Academy
 Accredited By  Not Applicable to Short courses
 SAQA ID  Not Applicable to Short courses
 NQF Level  Not Applicable to Short Courses
 Course Duration  10 Months
 Entrance Criteria
  • Grade 10 AND
  • Learners must be at least 16 years of age AND
  • Learners must be able to read and write in English

The TWP Academy OHS Representative Certificate consists of the following subjects:


  • Safety Health and Environment Awareness
  • Safety Health and Environment Incident
  • Investigation
  • Safety Health and Environment Safety and Audit
  • Safety Health and Environment Representative
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment


How is this course assessed?


In order to complete this course successfully, learners will be expected to complete specific assignments AND/OR a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). There are no exams for this course.


What will I be qualified to do after completing this course?


As an OHS Representative you will be responsible for addressing issues related to health and safety in your work place. Every work place is required to appoint an OHS representative to ensure all safety, health and environmental issues are dealt with for improved working conditions.  It is your responsibility to create a healthy and safe environment for all employees. Doing this course will give you all the knowledge you need to do this effectively.

You will fill this role alongside your normal work duties.

Remember that taking on additional roles at work always stands in your favour, and will positively influence your managers view of you. You never know – this may the one thing that tips things in your favour for a promotion of pay increase.


What is a Provider Short Course?


A provider programme is a course that is developed, curriculated and assessed by TWP Academy. A provider programme carries no external accreditation and it has no link to any other academic institute. It is a programme intended to provide a learner with knowledge and skills.  This is because a short course cannot be accredited under the current rules governing education in South Africa.

You will be able to completing this course in your CV, and most employers would be happy to see that current or potential employees show interest in improving their skills and knowledge.


The TWP Academy OHS Representative Certificate is a Provider Short Course


Last updated: September 24, 2018

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