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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

Diploma in Office Administration

The ICB Diploma in office administration takes 36 months to complete if you start at the certificate level and work your way right through to the diploma.  You need to complete both the certificate level and the higher certificate to be given access to this diploma.  The great news is that once you complete each level you are awarded a qualification by FASSET!  So your CV will blossom for every year that you keep studying towards your diploma.


Diploma: Office Administration NQF L6 – SAQA ID 35958

Potential jobs you can apply for:


  • Office Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Administrative Manager

Registration Requirements:


  • Successful completion of the ICB Higher Certificate in Office Admin

Programme Duration:


Total program time is 36 months of study.  That is made up of:


  • 18 months for the Certificate in Office Administration
  • Plus 9 months for the Higher Certificate in Office Administration
  • Plus 9 months for the Diploma in Office Administration

Programme Recognition:


This programme is accredited by QCTO SETA and you will receive your national certificate from FASSET SETA.  You will receive the following recognition if you complete the full Diploma in Office Administration:


  1. Certificate: Office Administration
  2. Higher Certificate:  Office Administration
  3. Diploma: Office Administration


You will also receive certificates of completion from ICB for each of these qualifications, as well as from TWP Academy.  These are very important as you can use them in your CV to start applying for jobs immediately while you wait for your certificates from FASSET.  These take up to a year to arrive, and you will want to get a job in your new career as soon as possible.



Subjects in you Diploma in Office Administration:


  1. Office Communication
  2. Business and Office Administration 1
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Marketing Management and Public Relations
  5. Business Law and Administrative Practice
  6. Cost and Management Accounting
  7. Business and Office Administration 2
  8. Human Resources Management and Labour Relations
  9. Economics
  10. Business and Office Administration 3
  11. Financial Accounting
  12. Management


Skills you will learn in your Diploma in Office Administration


After the Foundation level you will be have learnt:


  • Excellent business communication
  • Bookkeeping up to trial balance
  • Apply your basic knowledge of cost and management accounting
  • Use your basic skills in marketing and public relations, business law and administrative practice


Once you have completed the Intermediate Level you will be able to:


  • Apply a range of office administration techniques and economics
  • Perform human resources and labour relations administrative tasks


Once you have completed the advanced level and have your full Diploma in Office Administration you will be able to use your advanced knowledge in:


  • Management techniques
  • Financial accounting and reporting skills
  • Office administration techniques

Important Information about your Diploma in Office Administration course:


Remember that you need to register with ICB every year, and you will only be able to book your exam if you have already paid your registration fee.  You can book your exam on the ICB learner portal, which is the ICB student area where you can see all your information, book exams, make credit card payments to ICB, change your details and much more.

Once you have registered you will receive your ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) within three to four weeks.  You will need to work through this PoE before the exam, and take all the work you do at home to the exam to hand in.  Your exam mark will make up 70% of your final mark, and your assessments you do at home and hand in with the PoE will make up 30%. It is important to understand how the mark allocation and assessment works for ICB so that you know how important each aspect of your course is.


Last updated: November 03, 2018

ICB Diploma in Office Administration
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