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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

ICB Office Administration Qualifications

ICB Office Administration Qualifications

Our ICB Office Administration Qualifications will teach you all the skills you need for a career in office administration.  This will give you entry into a wide range of careers and ensure you are highly employable in any industry.

ICB National Certificate Office AdministrationICB Higher Certificate Office Management adminICB Diploma Office Administration

Why should I do the ICB Office Administration Qualifications?

Our ICB Office Administration Qualifications is designed to teach you the skills you need to be able to confidently work in office administration. Knowing that our college has been accredited by the ICB and the QCTO SETA means that you can be sure of the qualify of the study material, and of the service.  We will partner with you to ensure that you can pass this qualification so that you can start  your career as soon as possible.

Once you have completed our program you will hold recognised, accredited qualifications that future employers will trust.  Your certificates are issued by the FASSET SETA, which is a government organisation in charge of education in the accounting and bookkeeping sector.

The duties of business administrators, office administrators and office managers differ from business to business. If you work in a small medical office, for instance, your duties will be to make sure the patients get signed in, set up new appointments and handle the patient accounts. If you work in a big corporate company, for instance, your duties may include tasks such as making sure all ICB logo (1)personnel files are maintained, processing accounts, and keeping the boss up to date on how projects are going.

In short, business administrators or office managers are thus responsible for making sure that everything goes as planned and that problems get attended to. Generally the business administrator or office manager also oversees the tasks of all other office staff and keeps them motivated to ensure a positive office environment.


Our Office Admin Programmes:


Why are there 3 qualifications listed for this Office Admin Program?

One of the reasons we love the ICB qualifications in our ICB Office Administration Qualifications is that they are broken down into levels.  Each level gives you entry into the higher level of studies.

The biggest benefit is that you get more than 1 qualification, and are recognised in stages as you study.  That means that you will have recognised qualifications on your CV more quickly than a program that only has one qualification that is issued when the entire course is completed.

This means that you can start looking for work with a real qualification behind your name after only one year of study!


In our Office Admin programme get your first qualification in 18 months

In the Office Admin programme the first level has 6 subjects.  We recommend that if you study at a regular pace you will complete this in approximately 18 months.  Once you pass all 6 subjects you will hold the Certificate in Office Administration, with NQF level 5!

Remember that if you study at a university you get no qualifications until you complete the full 3 year course.  At the ICB you get will get 3 qualifications in total in Office Administration, each one at a higher level than the previous one.

You are then qualified to start the Higher Certificate in Office Administration which will take a further 9 months.  And then you have entry into the Diploma in Office Administration after a further 9 months.


You only need a Grade 10 to get started

The Certificate level course only requires you to hold a Grade 10 or higher to get started, and you need to be at least 16 years old.  That means that many students who have been excluded from further studies because they never got their matric can now start studying and get a recognised qualification.

if you pass these studies you can take it further, as these qualifications will give you entry to higher levels of qualifications.  By the end you can hold the equivalent of a university degree through institutions like ACCA and CIMA.


Updated: September 24, 2018

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