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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

The ICB Learner Portal was launched by the ICB to help all students studying ICB courses.  It helps with many self service functions to cut down on administration and waiting times that cause ICB students frustration.


What can I do on the ICB learner portal?


Here is a list of some of the useful things you can do on the ICB learner portal:


  • Do your annual learner registration with the ICB
  • Book your exam sessions
  • Get your exam results
  • View your personal details
  • Edit your personal details
  • Order certificate reprints
  • Make payments to the ICB using a credit card

How does the ICB Learner Portal work?


When you are an ICB learner you will have an ICB reference number.  When you have not used the portal before you will need to register online and create yourself an account on the ICB learner portal.  You will need to following information in order to complete the registration process:


  1. Username of your choosing
  2. Set your own password
  3. Your email address (the one best suited for ICB to communicate with you)
  4. Your ID number


What do I do if I forgot my ICB Learner Portal password?


In the modern day it is quite easy to lose your password, as we have to remember so many passwords for so many different accounts.  ICB has quite a comprehensive lost password process that will allow you to retrieve your password, but also ensure that no one else can use this process to hijack your account.

You may reset your password by selecting the Reset Password button. To reset your password, you will be required to supply information to verify that the account is indeed your. You will complete the following:


  1. Your ID number
  2. Say how you would like to receive your new password – via email or SMS.  Remember that the email or phone number you supply must match the one you gave ICB or this process will not work as they will only send your details to the registered details.
  3. Enter the email or phone number in the following step


You will then be emailed or SMSed your new password.


About ICB Courses 

Skills Academy offers various ICB courses through distance-learning. These courses are accredited and cover business management, finance and office administration. 

Interested in similar courses? Take a look at these accounting, bookkeeping and finance courses. You can also get your matric at Skills Academy. 


Last updated: February 26, 2020

ICB learner portal
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