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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa


ICB informationIt ICB is the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.  The ICB is working to create a new generation of competent, qualified bookkeepers and accountants.  As South Africa has a shortage of skilled workers in this area studying an ICB qualification can see you launch into a valuable and lucrative career.

At TWP Academy we believe in helping our students from start to finish, and this information is part our commitment to you.  Whether you want to know more about how the exams work, or need quick access to the ICB Downloads you can find it here all in one place.

At TWP Academy we will make your journey to getting your qualification as simple and easy as possible.  It takes hard work and determination to get qualified, but we will walk that road as your partner and help you every step of the way.  Remember that TWP Academy is the sister company to Together We Pass, and you will be able to enjoy free study groups with your lecturers and fellow students if you sign up with us!

ICB Information

There is a variety of information you need to know about in order to successfully register for and study an ICB qualification. We hope you find this information comprehensive, and helpful.


ICB Accredited courses

The is a variety of ICB Accredited Courses that you can register for.  This includes the streams of:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Office Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public Administration

You can study all of these qualifications at TWP Academy, starting today!


ICB Registration

When you join a distance learning college like TWP Academy to study an ICB qualification you also need to complete your ICB Registration. You will need your ICB Registration Forms, or you register directly on their portal.

A distance learning college may not register this students, or sign them up for exams.  Although the college will give you fill guidance, reminders and assistance, they are not allowed by the ICB to do this on your behalf.

You register as a student, and book your exams on the ICB Learner Portal.


Recognition of Prior Learning

When you sign up with TWP Academy is important that you let us know of any prior learning you have. This is so that we can help you to apply for recognition of prior learning if you are allowed to.

Recognition of prior learning means that if you have already studied a topic, or have proven relevant work experience you can excused from certain subjects or levels.

Although TWP Academy can assist you to apply, only the ICB can confirm if you will be given this recognition.


ICB Exams

ICB exams happen 4 times a year.  You register for these exams with ICB, and book your most convenient exam venue.

This is done on the ICB learner portal.

TWP Academy will remind you when the ICB cutoff dates are approaching so that you can register in time.

You will need to understand how the ICB assessments and exams work if you want to do well. Part of your year mark comes from your Portfolio of Evidence (also known as the PoE).  And part comes from the final exam you sit.


More links to great information on ICB


If you want to know anything else about ICB please get in touch and we will be happy to tell you more.

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Last updated:  April 22, 2019

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