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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

ICB financial accounting qualifications

Our ICB financial accounting qualifications will make you highly employable, and give you access to almost any industry.  These courses are all fully accredited, and you get certificates from TWP Academy, the ICB and from FASSET! You only need a Grade 10 to get entrance to this qualification, and once you have completed your Diploma at NQF level 6 you will be two levels higher than a Matric.


ICB Financial Accounting Qualifications

ICB FET Certificate Bookkeeping ICB National Certificate Bookkeeping ICB National DiplomaTechnical Financial Accounting ICB National Diploma Certified Financial Accounting - Copy

Why Study the ICB Financial Accounting Qualifications?

Our ICB financial accounting qualifications will allow you entry to any number of industries that you may be interested in.  The accounting profession is an exciting platform for all types of business. Be it mining, retail, health care, education, insurance, government or any type of business every business requires a Qualified Bookkeeper and Accountant. Previously it was only possible to ICB logo (1)become and Accountant in South Africa if you attended a University.

Now things have changed.  You don’t have to study at University, and a Bookkeeper can become an Accountant.

Now with only a Grade 10 you can start studying towards your first level Financial Accounting qualification.  Take your career into your own hands, and get started today.


What are the Entrance Criteria?

You only need a Grade 10 to start this qualification.


What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the same as accounting, but describes the lower level functions of accounting.  In reality a bookkeeper is a junior accountant, and an accountant is a senior bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping and accounting involves keeping up-to-date and accurate record of all the money and/or goods in a business. Without bookkeeping, it would be impossible to keep track of where they money goes. It helps you to know whether or not you are making a profit and it makes planning ahead much easier.

Keeping the books means that you have to make a specific note of all money coming in and going out of the business. You must also make a note of all the money that is owed to the business and of all the money that the business owes to others.

Proper bookkeeping makes it possible for companies and other organisations to comply with financial regulations and to meet their tax obligations. Without accurate financial records, organisations would not be able to determine their tax liabilities, which would result in penalties being imposed by the local tax collection authorities.

All entities, whether they are public or private, for profit or not for profit, need to keep these careful accounts.  That mean’s that with an accounting or bookkeeping qualification you will be to work in just about any industry that interests you.


What Bookkeeping and Accounting Qualifications can I study?

The ICB financial accounting qualifications have 4 levels, starting from a Certificate and ending with the National Diploma.  Remember you need to complete each level before you will be allowed entry into the following level.


Online study groups with Together We Pass

We are very proud to be associated by Together We Pass and all our courses have free online study groups.   An online study groups allows you to interact with your fellow students, as well as directly with your lecturer.
Studying via distance learning does not mean you have to study alone!  Join our vibrant student community to ensure that you get all the help, support and motivation you need to complete your qualification.

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Last updated: November 03, 2018

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