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ICB Exams – Everything you need to know

ICB exams and assessment

Do you want to know more about the ICB Exams?  And how the ICB Assessments Work?  Read this article if you want to understand exactly how it all works.

Your final mark for your ICB subject is worked out in the following way.  Your final exam counts for 70%, and activities and evaluations you got in your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) count for the rest of the 30%.

When your register for your ICB exam the ICB will send you your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE).  The POE is a folder with a number of assessments you need to complete and take to your final exam. Your PoE is complete when your final assessment is added to it at the end of your course.  This means that you add your final exam paper to your POE, and hand it in when you complete the exam.

You’ll need to get at least 50% for the final exam to pass, regardless of your overall mark.

This means that the assessments you do to take to the exam and the final exam are all vital if you want to do well in your course.  Remember that the assessments in your POE will also give you a good idea of what you need to  know in your final exam.

What is the pass mark?

Your overall mark needs to be at least 60% to pass the subject.  Remember you also need to get at least 50% for the exam itself.

ICB Exams

When and where are my ICB exams?

You an choose when and where you write your ICB exams, which gives you great flexibility.  There are ICB approved assessment centres around Southern Africa where you can book your space in any of the 4 assessment session through the year.  You can also arrange with the ICB to write at special venues such as an embassy if there is no ICB approved assessment centre in your area.

You can find a list of the centres here.

Assessments take place at these centres in February, May, August and November –and TWP Academy will keep you up to date about when your cutoff dates are to register for your next exam.

Here are the ICB Exam and Timetables from the ICB.

This is very important information:

  • You cannot register for an exam until you have paid your annual subscription to the ICB
  • There can be updates to the ICB policies and procedures, so be sure to check these before you start completing your PoE.  You can find the information here:   ICB Assessment Policies & Procedures.

What happens if I can’t write my exam?

You are allowed to postpone your exam under certain circumstances.  The first thing to know is that there is cutoff date for how close to the exam you can postpone, and there is a postponement fee.  Your assessment timetable will tell you the dates by which you need to apply for postponement.

You can apply for a free postponement if you are sick on the day, but remember you need to include a doctors certificate with your request.  These are issued at the ICB’s discretion, so be sure you are really unable to write due to ill health if you apply for this.

Other rules are that you can only postpone once for a subject, and the ICB have to receive their postponement fee before the cutoff date in order to process your postponement.

What I don’t pass my ICB exam?

You may rewrite your ICB exam once only.  This has to happen within 12 months of your original exam date, and in this exam you need to get a pass mark of 60% instead of 50% as in the first assessment.

If you do have to rewrite do this quickly, so that the content stays fresh in your mind.  The longer you wait the more you will forget, and the harder it will be to pass.

Last updated: November 03, 2018

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