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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

ICB Exam Registration Forms

If you want to register for your exams with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), you will need to fill out the ICB Exam Registration form. The ICB has 4 exam sittings in a year, and you should aim to write at least one exam in each exam sitting if you want to complete your studies in the recommended time. First check the ICB exam dates for 2019 to see the final exam dates, as well as the cut off date for registering for each exam.

It is best to plan this before you start your studies. Each level of your qualification has a multiple subjects, so make sure you know which order you want to study them in, and when you will write each one, as per the exam timetable.

Before you decide which subject you wish to write remember that you can also apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This will allow you to skip certain subjects if you have already studied somewhere else. This exemption can also be given for work experience. Make this clear with the ICB at the start of your studies so that you do not write exams that you don’t need to. You will now know when you need to apply to write your ICB exam. Click the link to download the RPL Applications Guideline Form.

This form is incredibly important as it contains a list of all the documents you need to submit for your RPL Application. You will send this, as well as the documents listed in it, along with your Student Details Form. Don’t forget to include the proof of payment for you RPL Application.

The first step is to download the ICB exam registration forms on this page.

  1. ICB 2019 Student Details Form
  2. ICB 2019 Exam Entry Form

Fill both the ICB learner details form and the ICB assessment entry form in carefully and send them to the ICB.  Remember that you have to be registered with the ICB before you can write your exam, and they will require that you send proof of payment for this when you submit your ICB exam registration forms.

Once you have sent in your application forms you will receive your ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) from the ICB that will need to be worked through before you sit the final exam. Read our information page on PoEs very carefully as they are a vital part of your studies.

Your PoE also contains more information about your assessments. It also contains your unique Learner Number, which you must include on all your assessments in order for us to process them properly.

ICB Registration Costs

In order to complete your registration, you will need to pay the Annual Student Registration fee, as well as an Exam Registration fee to the ICB. You also need to make sure that you pay your Recognition of Prior Learning Application Fee if you complete the form for that as well.

The Cost for these are listed below.



Annual Student Registration Fee




Exam fee per subject/learning areas (all Qualifications)


Exam fee for Digital PoE ( BKTB, CPBK, PMSR, BUSL, RTAP)

*Available from 1 April 2019


Re-Write fee per subject/learning areas (all Qualifications)


Exam postponement fee per subject/learning area


Exam late entry fee per subject/learning area


Exam Re-mark & Examiners Report (fee per subject/learning Area)


Private Invigilator Admin Fee (Prior Approval Required)


Transcript of Results Re-print (including postage)

Certificate Re-print (including postage)


Re-Issue of PoE (including postage)


Re-post/ Re-delivery Fee


Workplace PoE Assessments (Learnerships) – Digital Only




RPL/Exemption Application Fee


RPL/Exemption Fee per subject Accredited Prior Learning/Qualification (no POE Required)


RPL PoE fee per subject (PoE to be Completed)


These prices may change over time. You can find the most recent fees list directly from the ICB on their Exam Fees Webpage.

Student Portal

The ICB has a student portal on their website which you can use to track your registration and course progress. You can also view your payment history and check payment receipts. You can log in to the Student Portal, or Register to use it by visiting the ICB Student Portal Page.

You can also ask the ICB to create a student portal login for you when you forward them your Student Details form. If you decide to ask the ICB to create your ICB Learner Portal Account for you, the will send you the login information for your account. This makes it easier to avoid making any mistakes when registering yourself, or encountering problems with incorrectly recorded information.

Using the ICB Learner Portal means that you don’t need to worry about filling out any of the paper forms to register for your exams or recognition of prior learning. This means you won’t need to stress about your forms getting lost during the application process. You can do everything you need to in one place, online.

More on ICB Courses 

Skills Academy offers a range of ICB courses through distance-learning. These courses are accredited by the ICB as well as the QTCO. 

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Last updated: February 21, 2020

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