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ICB Exam Registration Forms

ICB exam registration forms are required when you want to register for your ICB exams.  ICB has 4 exam sittings in a year, and you should aim to write at least one exam in each exam sitting if you want to complete your studies in the recommended time.  First check our ICB exam dates for 2018 to see the final exam dates, as well as the cut off date for registering for each exam.

It is best to plan this when you start your studies.  Each level of your qualification has a number of subjects, so make sure you know what order you want to study them in, and when you will write each one as per the exam timetable.

Before you decide which subject you wish to write remember that you can also  apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and be exempt from certain learning areas if you have already studied somewhere else.  This can also be awarded for work experience.  Clarify this with the ICB at the start of your studies so that you do not sit for exams that you did not need to.

You will now know when you need to apply to write your ICB exam.  The first step is to download the ICB exam registration forms on this page.

  1. ICB 2018 Student Details Form
  2. ICB 2018 Exam Entry Form

Fill both the ICB learner details form and the ICB assessment entry form in carefully and send them to the ICB.  Remember that you have to be registered with the ICB before you can write your exam, and they will require that you send proof of payment for this when you submit your ICB exam registration forms.ICB exam registration forms

Once you have sent in your application forms you will receive your ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) from the ICB that will need to be worked through before you sit the final exam.  Read our information page on PoEs very carefully as they are a vital part of your studies.

Your PoE also contains more information about your assessments. It also contains your unique Learner Number, which you must include on all your assessments in order for us to process them properly.


Last updated: November 03, 2018