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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

Find a list and description of all the ICB Downloads below.

ICB Downloads


On this page you will find all the ICB downloads that you could need in your studies.  From how to submit your student detail form right through to information on ICB learnerships you will find everything you need on this handy page of ICB downloads.


ICB prospectus


The ICB prospectus will give you all the information you need if you are considering studying a course via the ICB.  Please note this document is 3MB to download so be aware it is one of the bigger downloads on this page.



More on ICB courses 


Skills Academy offers a range of ICB courses through distance learning. These courses are accredited which means that they are nationally recognised. See the list below: 


ICB Student Details Form


Most students will fill in their details on the Student Portal.  The student portal is vital as it gives you all the information you need in your studies.  

However, if you do not have access to the internet you can download this form and use it instead of using the Student Portal.



This document is used for a number of purposes for learners, including to register with the ICB as a learner, which has to be done annually.  To update contact details.  As well as to apply for recognition of prior learning, which you should read the first.


Recognition of Prior Learning

If you want to apply for recognition for prior learning you need to do this before you start to study so that you understand which subjects you will need to write.  This is vital for your planning, so do this immediately.  

Recognition of prior learning is based on previous studies and/ or work experience.


ICB fees

On this download you will find all the fees that you could be charged by the ICB for the various services they offer.  This can be registration fees, which is annual, to the exam registration fee which is charged each time you sit for an exam.  


ICB Exam documents for students


There are a number of documents you will need that relate to your ICB exams.  Read through all of these carefully so you understand everything related to your exam, how to entre and how the Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) works.



ICB course summaries


These course summaries outline in one document how your qualification hangs together.  It shows you what subjects you need to complete at every level of your qualification, and is a reminder of what you will receive at every level.

It is worth printing this page and placing it on the wall in the area that you study so that you have a clear idea of where you are going with your studies.  This will help to keep you organised, as well as motivated to complete your qualification.



ICB learnerships



Last update:  March 02, 2020 

ICB Downloads
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