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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

ICB courses distance learning is the best way around to study and work at the same time. Fully accredited they lead you to a great career in accounting and management.


ICB courses distance learning

You do not need a matric to study the ICB courses.  You only need  a great 10, though a good knowledge of maths is recommended.  We will teach you if you do not have strong maths, but it will make it much easier if you do.

You can study all these courses via accredited home study institutions, like TWP Academy.


ICB Correspondence Course you can study

In South Africa you can study more than just the ICB bookkeeping courses via distance learning. The ICB offers five different fields of study, as follows:

  1. ICB Bookkeeping Courses (also known as ICB Financial Accounting courses)
  2. ICB Office Administration Courses
  3. ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses
  4. ICB Business Management Courses
  5. ICB Entrepreneurship Courses


There are a number of distance learning colleges that are fully accredited by the ICB to offer all their courses as home study or correspondence courses. Here are some of those correspondence colleges listed:

  • Skills Academy
  • TWP Academy
  • Learning Group
  • Home Study College
  • Home Study Group

Being fully accredited means that the college has applied for accreditation to the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. After submitting a portfolio of documents to substantiate the application, each college is visited by a quality assurance manager from the ICB. At the site visit a number of things are checked, to ensure the college is properly able to offer these ICB courses.

Some of the things a college must prove at a site inspection from the ICB, are their financial viability, quality study material, proper systems and processes to deliver distance learning, qualified staff, a tax clearance certificate and an OHS certificate to show that the college is safe for staff and students.

After successfully passing the site inspections, these colleges received their accreditation from the ICB. That means they have an accreditation certificate for each ICB programme that they are accredited to offer.

You will find those accreditation certificates available on our website.


How does Home Study Work?

Home Study, Correspondence Learning and Distance Learning are all the same kind of thing. They all describe a college whose students study from home. That means the students can work in the daytime, and then study evenings and weekends.

Home study is the best option for working people who has to earn an income, but at the same time need to improve their qualifications.

When you choose a home study college, you need to carefully look at a number of things that differentiate them. Home study colleges do not all work exactly the same. So here are the things you should look at closely, before deciding where to study:


Online Study Groups

We offer online study groups for all our ICB students, through our partners at TogetherWePass. In your online study group you will find other students, as well as your tutors and lecturers.  Together We Pass is the parent company of TWP Academy, and they and they have been helping distance learning students pass since 2008.ICB courses distance learning

The online study groups also work on the internet browser on your phone, so you can check-in with your group when you take a break in your work day!

In your online study groups you can ask questions, share your experiences and even help other students. Explaining the work you study to another student is one of the best ways to make sure your own understanding is solid. It is a great way to learn, and to make a positive contribution to the lives of your fellow students.

If you need a private conversation with your lecturer or even another student, then you can select the private chat function.

You will find that your lecturer and your fellow students help and motivate you every day! It is just so much easier to study when you know other students are also working to get their qualifications when you get yours.

Academic Support

Our academic support team includes your lecturers and tutors. We also have academic administration staff who will help you with some of your more administrative needs. When you need a letter for your employer, or a statement of results, or order more study material, the academic support guys will be helping you.

If you need higher level intervention with a difficult problem, you will be able to chat to the Academic Head of the college. She is friendly and helpful, and she gets stuff done!


Enough Time To Finish Your Course

Some students worry that they will not have enough time to finish their course. Don’t worry!

If you need to study a bit slower, then you can get a course extension. That gives you more time to study and finish your course. We will help you plan your studies, so you can finish it bit by bit. And if you need a course extension, we shall not charge you a re-registration fee. Usually you just keep on paying your normal monthly study fee for the extra time you need.

When you see that you won’t have enough time, contact the college and ask for an extension. We will gladly help you with this.


How can I study ICB without Matric?

All the ICB courses start at NQF level 3. And they go up to NQF level 6. In comparison, matric is at NQF level 4. So these courses are accessible for student who do not have matric. Students start at a level below matric. Keep studying the programme, and course by course you will climb the ladder up the NQF level 6, which is two levels higher than matric.

The ICB has developed their courses to help students who did not finish school, and who has to work and study at the same time. So you start with the easy concepts and work, and build on that foundation, until you are also an expert!

As a home study student you can study an hour in the evening three or four times per week. With five exam opportunities in 2017, you know that as soon as you are ready, you can register for the next exam.

This is how you build up your qualifications; step by step.

As you progress with the programme, you will get recognition at the different levels. After completing the first four subjects, you will already get your first qualification from FASSET, and your first ICB Programme Certificate.


ICB Home Study Courses

The ICB offers five study programmes. In this way you can get an accredited qualification whether your interest is bookkeeping or entrepreneurship. For most students who need accounting qualifications, office skills, business management courses or entrepreneurship, the ICB has a programme.


The different Levels of study with the ICB

The ICB bookkeeping programme is divided into different levels. Inside each level can be one or more courses. The programme is divided into four levels, as follows:

  1. Foundation Level
  2. Intermediate Level
  3. Upper Intermediate Level
  4. Advanced Level

As you complete each level, you will get recognition from the ICB in the form of an ICB Programme Certificate. As you complete the different courses inside the levels, you will get recognition from FASSET in the form of your formal qualification from FASSET.


ICB Bookkeeping Courses

The ICB Financial Accounting Programme consists of the following qualifications:

  • Foundation level – National Certificate: Bookkeeping (NQF Level 3)
  • Intermediate level – FET Certificate: Bookkeeping (NQF level 4)
  • Upper Intermediate level – National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting (NQF level 5)
  • Advanced level – National Diploma: Financial Accounting (NQF level 6)


ICB Office Administration Courses

The ICB Financial Accounting Programme consists of the following qualifications:

  • Foundation level – Certificate: Office Administration
  • Intermediate level – Higher Certificate: Office Administration
  • Advanced level – Diploma: Office Administration


ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses

The ICB Public Sector Accounting Programme consists of the following qualifications:

  • Foundation level – National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting
  • Intermediate level – Diploma: Public Sector Accounting
  • Advanced level – National Diploma: Financial Accounting


ICB Business Management Courses

The ICB Business Management Programme consists of the following qualifications:

  • Foundation level – National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management
  • Intermediate level – Higher Certificate: Office Administration
  • Advanced level – National Diploma: Financial Accounting


ICB Entrepreneurship Courses

The ICB Entrepreneurship Programme consists of the following qualifications:

  • Foundation level – National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management
  • Intermediate level – Higher Certificate: Office Administration
  • Advanced level – National Diploma: Financial Accounting


ICB Course Fees

There are a number of different costs that you must plan for, if you are going to study an ICB course. Here are some of the major costs you have to understand and plan for:

  1. Study fees with your distance learning college
  2. Textbook fees. Some colleges will include this in your course fees
  3. Courier fees. Skills Academy includes this in your course fees
  4. Exam fees. Usually you pay this directly to the ICB, so it is not included in your course fees
  5. ICBA Student Membership fees. These fees are usually not included in your course fees.
  6. ICB Student Registration fees. This is a yearly fee that is usually not included in your course fees.


ICB Registration

When you decide to study an ICB qualification, you need to keep in mind a number of things that all form part of your ICB Registration, being:

  1. Yearly ICB Student Registration
  2. Registration with a home study college
  3. ICB Exam Registration



Last Updated: September 24, 2018

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