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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

Welcome to the ICB brochure 2018 page. Find out everything that you need to know about ICB courses, payments, registrations, the ICB learner portal and more.  This is the latest information, and always very comprehensive.


What is the ICB brochure?


The brochure is also known as a prospectus.  The prospectus is found in both printed and digital format, and gives you full details on all the courses you can study with the ICB.  This brochure is updated every two years to ensure that the information is very comprehensive, and gives information on courses, how to pay, colleges you can study with and information on students achievements.

The ICB has taken great care to present and interesting, informational brochure that all providers such as TWP Academy use daily to assist their students.  Make sure you get your copy and study it carefully.


What information is in the ICB Brochure?


The ICB brochure 2018 gives you the following information:


  • How to choose what to study
  • Great information on how to study in a way that suites you
  • What the ICB learning experience is all about
  • How to study even further
  • FAQ and useful info

 Want to know what you can study without matric? Skills Academy offers a range of distance learning courses that are suited for all. With or without matric, there is a course for you! 

Where can I find the ICB Brochure 2018?


The ICB brochure is the first item to download on our ICB Downloads page which can be found here:   ICB Downloads.

If you would like a printed copy you can either contact TWP Academy and we can send it to you in your next box of study material, or you can contact the ICB and receive one from them directly.  It is worth making sure you have a copy of the latest ICB brochure as is a really excellent source of information if you thinking of studying an ICB course, or if you already an ICB student.


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Last updated: February 25, 2020 

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