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ICB Assessments and Exams

ICB assessments and exams is how the ICB ensures that you have enough knowledge in your chosen qualification to pass.

The assessment is your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) that you need to hand in when you go to write your exam.  The exams need to be booked in advance, and happen in 4 sittings through the year.  Click here if you want to know when the 2017 ICB exam sittings are.


The Portfolio of Evidence (PoE)

You will need to hand in a body of evidence to the ICB for them to be able to asses whether or not you are competent in a subject. This body of evidence is your ICB Portfolio of Evidence.  You will be sent a unique PoE by the ICB for every subject for which you book an exam.

In the PoE you will get a number of assessments and activities that you need to complete at home.  You then take that along to the exam in the folder you receive, and once you have completed the exam you place it in your folder and hand in the entire folder.

Please read our detailed page of information on the ICB PoE as it explains exactly what is in the folder, and what is expected from you.


Mark allocations for ICB Assessments and Exams

In the ICB programmes not all the marks come from the final exam.  You will also be assessed on the work that you do at home on your own.  Here is how the marks are broken down.

  • Home assessments and activities:  30%
  • Final exam: 70%

You need a minimum of 60% as your final mark to pass your course’s, module.


ICB assessments and exams results

The ICB releases the assessment and exams results about 7 weeks after you have written the final exam for your subject.

The best place to look up your results is on the ICB learner portal.

If you miss your exam, or you did not pass you can book an ICB re-assessment.  This gives you the option to rewrite the exam, though this must be done within one year of the the time of your first exam.  This is at ICB’s discretion so make sure you know how the re-assessments work.


Qualification Awards

Once you have passed every subject in a qualification the ICB will send your results to FASSET, who issues you your qualification certificate.

The FASSET certificate can take up to a year to arrive, but you will receive several other awards that you can use in your CV to start looking for a job immediately.

The ICB will give you a ICB Programme Completion Certificate, as well as transcript of your results.

You will also receive a completion certificate from TWP Academy, along with your statement of results from the college.

ICB Assessments and Exams

Final Exams

Remember that your exam will be booked at the nearest ICB approved location to where you live.  You can easily look up these venues and TWP Academy will assist you where needed.

There are four exam sittings through the year, each one with its own cutoff dates.  If you want to know the 2017 ICB exam dates please follow the link.

TWP Academy will help you with your registration process to write your ICB exams, but remember that your registration with ICB and booking of exams is your responsibility.  We will help with reminders of when your cut off dates are, information on venues, and direct help when you get stuck on what you need to do.


Last updated: November 03, 2018

ICB Assessments and Exams
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