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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

You will need to fill in the ICB Assessment Application Forms when you are ready to sit for your ICB exams.  This page will give you all the information you need to understand how to apply, as well as give you access to the forms you will need.


ICB Assessment Application Forms


When you registered to study the ICB programs with TWP Academy you still need to register with ICB, and book your exams.  Because the ICB programs are accredited you write your exams with the ICB and not with TWP Academy.  So you need to understand the process very well as when you study via distance learning your college cannot register the exams for you.

There are two ICB Assessment Application Forms you will need to fill in and give to the ICB, along with the relevant payments.

Before you can register for an exam you need to register with the ICB and pay your annual membership fee.  So the first ICB Assessment Application Forms you fill in when registering for an exam is your ICB student details form.  This will allow the ICB to see that you are an ICB student and check if you have paid your annual membership free.

On the second ICB Assessment Application Forms you give the details of the subject (or subjects) which you intend to write.  Remember that there are now 4 exam sittings every year, so you don’t have to hurry and do several at once.  We suggest that you sit one in every exam sitting, which give will give the time to properly prepare for each subject.

If you need further help with filling in your ICB Assessment Application Forms our team will happily assist you.

Here are the two ICB Assessment Application Forms you will need to fill in:

  1. ICB 2018 Student Details Form
  2. ICB 2018 Exam Entry Form


Once you have successfully registered the ICB will send you your ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE), which arrives 3 to 4 weeks later.  You will receive a number of forms and important information (like your unique student number).  You will also receive a number of assessments and activities that you need to complete at home and hand in with your ICB exam.  Remember that your exam counts 70% of your final mark, and the home assessments count 30%.

If you do not feel able to take the exam you can apply for a postponement.  In the same way you can apply for a re-assessment should not pass your exam.

If you have previously completed other studies that are relevant to your current course, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and be exempt from certain learning areas.  Only the ICB can give you recognition for prior learning, and they will assess your application and let you know in due course if there are any subjects for which you are exempted.

ICB Assessment Application Forms


Last updated: September 24, 2018

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