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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

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ICB accredited courses is one of the most accessible programmes that students in South Africa can study.  These are approved by our government, and you only need a Grade 10 to get started!  This is almost unheard of in post school studies.  Read more about our ICB accredited courses to see how far TWP Academy can take you in your future career.


ICB accredited courses offered by TWP Academy


ICB accredited courses is what TWP Academy specialises in.  All ICB courses are fully accredited by QCTO, and are certified by FASSET.  The study material is of the highest quality, and the qualifications recognised by any potential employer in South Africa.  The ICB accredited courses are an excellent choice for anyone wanting a professional career in bookkeeping or accounting.

There are five streams that you can follow with the ICB accredited courses.  That is financial accounting, business management, office administration, entrepreneurship and public sector accounting.

All streams will give your career a head start! 

ICB: Financial Accounting Programme


The ICB Financial Accounting program is our most popular course.  If you want to a career as an accountant this is the right course for you.  If you complete all the exams you will have a National Diploma in Financial Accounting at NQF L6, and this can give you access to the higher studies should you wish to take your career further.

There are 12 exams to sit to complete this diploma, and this should take you 3 years to complete if you are doing one exam in every exam sitting through the year.

Here are the 4 qualifications in the Financial Accounting program:



ICB: Entrepreneurship Programme


If you want to run your own business financial skills are vital!  If you don’t understand the finances of your business not only will you make bad financial decisions that will risk your business, but you might break the law inadvertently as well.

These three qualifications will teach you the basic bookkeeping skills you need to keep your business finances safe and legal.



ICB Short courses in Entrepreneurship


Remember that you can also study any single module in a course as a short course, so you can study many ICB short courses in entrepreneurship.

You can study modules from any level, as long as you have studied the pre-requisite if there is one.  So for example you cannot start at ICB Entrepreneurship Level 3, you have successfully complete the Level 1 and Level 2 ICB Entrepreneurship modules first.


ICB: Office Administration


If you want to make yourself highly employable as an office administrator our range of ICB Office Administration courses is a great start.

Office administration jobs are highly competitive and if you have an accredited qualifications behind you this will put you at the front of the queue for the best jobs.



ICB Office Admin Short Courses


Many people want to know if you can study ICB Office Admin short courses at UNISA.   This is something that UNISA used to offer, but they no longer offer any of the ICB programmes.  However, there are many other alternatives.

You can study the ICB Office Admin short courses at TWP Academy through distance learning just as you used to be able to at UNISA.  At TWP Academy you can sign up for any of the individual modules in the ICB Office Admin qualifications and use them to brush up particular skills that you might need to improve your work performance, or to get a particular promotion.


ICB: Business Management Programme


Business management qualifications are another excellent way to improve your employment prospects.

The Business Management program has 3 qualifications that you can complete.



ICB: Public Sector Programme


Public sector accounting are qualifications to pursue if you want a career working for government.

Government employment is an excellent prospect in South Africa as they are well paid, and very stable.


About the ICB


The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (the ICB) has to be seen as one of the highly regarded professional bodies for bookkeeping, accounting, office administration, public sector accounting and business qualification in South Africa.

The ICB is a body that focuses on providing top quality, fully accredited courses and has a rich history of supplying and promoting accounting and bookkeeping qualifications.

The ICB has been operating since 1931, and is also affiliated with the Institute of Financial Accountant in UK.  The ICB are internationally recognised. Therefore if you get a ICB qualification you will have a qualification that can be recognised overseas.

These are just some of the reasons why TWP Academy has decided to offer a wide range of ICB courses. There are ICB courses for everyone ranging from short courses designed to teach you very specific skills, right through to diplomas that will help you learn a wide range of skills and make you highly employable.

This is done to ensure that whether you plan to study for 6 months or 3 years, whether you want to get a diploma or a certificate, we have right course for you.

Take the next step in securing your financial future and sign up for an ICB course with TWP Academy.


ICB entry requirements


The great news is that you only need a grade 10 to start an ICB qualification!

Many people who did not finish their Matric believe that there is no recognised qualification that they can take as they will not be able to reach the entry requirements.

With the ICB you are able to do do the qualification even if you have a grade 10.  And as long as you keep passing this can take you to a NQF L6, which gives you entry to many further studies as well.  That means our ICB accredited courses can take you from a grade 10 and put you on the path to get a university level qualification.


ICB Qualifications


A full advanced level ICB qualification takes about 3 years if you study consistently and write one exam in each exam sitting in the year.

One little known fact is that each program actually has a number of qualifications making it up.  If you study a degree you get no qualification at all until you have completed the full 3 year program.  However, with the ICB accredited courses you can get 4 qualifications over the 3 year period.

For example with the Financial Accounting program.  The ICB 3 year national diploma in financial accounting is actually made up for 4 different qualifications.  Each level is the prerequisite for the next level.  And at each level you get a new qualification from FASSET.

  1.  After 4 exams you get a National Certificate in bookkeeping
  2.  Add two more exams and you get an FET Certificate in Bookkeeping
  3.  Add two more subjects and you get the National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting
  4.  Add 4 more subjects and you get the National Diploma in Financial Accounting

That means at each step you get a recognised qualification to show to your employer or potential future employer when you go for interviews.  This is a wonderful benefit!

ICB accredited courses
icb accredited courses

Reasons to study an ICB accredited courses


  • The entry requirement is only a Grade 10
  • You will learn the skills to succeed in the bookkeeping and accounting industry
  • The ICB courses are accredited by the QCTO
  • Your qualification is issued by FASSET
  • Courses offered are registered on the NQF (National Qualifications Framework).
  • You can become and ICBA as a student, and you can get higher levels of membership once you qualify and gain experience.

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icb accredited courses

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Last updated: November 03, 2018