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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

About Us

About Us 


TWP Academy is a private home study college where you can register for fully accredited business programs to further your career quickly.  If you want to know more about us you will need to know more about Together We Pass.  TWP Academy was launched by Together We Pass in 2015.

TWP Academy believes that no student should be left behind.  We believe that with the right support every students has the possibility to get qualified.  In order to make that belief a reality TWP Academy brings real, high quality support, coupled with great customer service.  These two elements is what TWP Academy believes will set them apart in the home study arena.

About Us: TWP Academy history


We are really pleased with our sister company TWP Academy which we released in 2015. TWP Academy provides fully accredited bookkeeping and accounting courses, as well as some provider courses as Occupational Health and Safety and Project Management.

At Together We Pass we understand exactly what it looks to struggle through your distance learning course on your own. We have actually been helping home study trainees since 2008, so we really and truly understand. It became clear to us that students require both academic support too has assistance to stay motivated if they are going to complete their certification. Trainees can quickly feel isolated and helpless when they are trying to struggle through their course by themselves.

Due to these concerns Together We Pass chosen to release our own private home study college with a focus on business courses. The core beliefs are outstanding service, with a high contact design where trainees have easy access to their educators and fellow trainees daily. TWP Academy was introduced in 2015, and got it’s first accreditation in early 2016.

The certifications that TWP Academy provide are certified by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), which is a professional bookkeeping body. They are a Quality Assurance Partner to both FASSET and QCTO, which implies that they are given authority by these government organizations to certify private providers.

TWP Academy now provides a variety of fully accredited bookkeeping, financial management along with entrepreneurial qualifications that will permit you to jumpstart your profession in a positive way.

TWP Academy caters for students that wish to study high quality, certified bookkeeping and accounting certifications, but who may not satisfy the entry requirements of UNISA and other organizations of higher learning. Many of the ICB qualifications only take a grade 10 to apply, and therefore this gives access to education to students who may otherwise be omitted.

We likewise believe they are suitable for students that were accepted by UNISA, but are unable to pass the degree level subjects in Accounting. Around 95% of UNISA students fail the very first year accounting examinations, so our company believe there is a real need for an alternative for these students.

Just like any home study courses our qualifications are ideal for people that are working and wish to keen earning and gaining experience as they study towards their qualifications. This makes it inexpensive, especially with the month-to-month payment structures provided by TWP Academy.

About Us

About us:  Accreditation


TWP Academy is accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) as a Quality Assurance Partner (QAP of FASSET (Fasset is the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority) and QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupation). This means that the ICB receive your accreditation application and do the site visit.

When a training organisation is checked for its accreditation, the accrediting body takes a look at the ability of the training institution to successfully provide the course for which they are being certified. This suggests they take a look at the structures, locations, study products, financial health, tax status and BEE status as part of the accrediting procedure.

Once they have established that you do have everything you need in place to offer this qualification successfully they send your details to QCTO to issue the accreditation.

When you opt to begin studying a course, it is essential to know that you are registered with a trustworthy college. You will have to be registered with a college that has been through the accreditation process so that your possible employers will acknowledge your certification and know that you can bring something to the table when you join their team.

TWP Academy has actually passed these and all the other accreditation requirements completely.

FASSET Accreditation number

Accreditation Number– A58500025

( 25 May 2016– 24 May 2021)



Support provided by TWP Academy


We think that anyone studying from home need more than just books if they are going to get qualified.  Home study students are too often left to struggle through on their own.  At TWP Academy we are devoted to offering students high quality distance learning education, with a high level of contact from the college to each student, great study material and keeping students motivated to complete their studies.

Our academic support is given through:


  • Study material written specifically for home study students
  • Email support
  • Telephone support
  • Online study groups for daily contact
  • Full time lecturers and support staff
  • A helpful and friendly attitude from every staff member, to every student


TWP Academy offers numerous accredited certifications in the bookkeeping and accounting field. The most popular qualification that we provide is the financial accounting program, though we have several other fully accredited programs that we offer as well.


Who can study with TWP Academy?


Anyone can study at TWP Academy.  We pride ourselves on giving access to students who do not have access elsewhere.  With low entry requirements, great support and easy payment plans we ensure that more students have access to high quality education than ever before.

TWP Academy caters to students who have not completed their matric.  Our Financial Accounting program only requires that you be at least 16 years old, and hold a grade 10 or equivalent!  And once you are successfully completing this qualification it can take you right through to NQF level 6, which is two grades higher than matric.  Once you  hold the Financial Accounting diploma you gain access to programs such as CIMA where you can study qualifications on the same level as a university.

At the same time TWP Academy understands that someone who only holds a grade 10 may not be in the strongest financial position.  Due to this we have great payment plans, and have many ways in which a student can reduce the costs of their course.

If you feel like the world has not given the chance you need to succeed, join TWP Academy today and we will put you on the right path to success.


About Us

We always courier at TWP Academy


The post office used to be the best way to send a parcel in a very reliable and cost effective way.  However, that is no longer the case.

We think the post office takes too long, and we are willing to pay the price for the extra days that our students get to study.  All our parcels are delivered via courier.  That means you get your books on average 2 to 3 days after you register, or submit an assignment.  Remember that in outlying areas this is 7 to 10 days.

TWP Academy will not hold up your studies with slow shipment of books!



About Us

How do I communicate with my lecturer at TWP Academy?


You need to be able to have easy access to your lecturer.  This means that the ways to communicate with your college is one of the most important things you need to understand when you choose where to study. If you can’t quickly speak with the academic and admin staff at the college you will be left feeling disappointed, isolated and de-motivated. At TWP Academy there are a number of ways to talk to the college so that students always have access to help whenever they need it.

Here is some more information on how the college communicates with their students.




You can communicate with your teacher via email whenever of the day. This has actually proved to the preferred method of interaction for most students, as it is so practical in the modern day and age.

Email is likewise one of the significant methods which the college will communicate with you. You will get automated e-mails from the day you begin, which will discuss what to expect, ways to use the various services the college uses and even standard study tips.

Make sure you update the college if you alter your e-mail address, as this it is essential that the college can communicate with you through e-mail.


Online study groups on Together We Pass


TWP Academy was born out of Together We Pass, so you can bet that your study groups with TWP Academy will be world class.

Your teacher from TWP Academy will remain in the study group daily, addressing questions, posting notes or remarks and motivating you. You can chat to other students to keep engaged and inspired to study.

You likewise get email notifications from the website telling you exactly what is going on in your study group. You can set the frequency of how frequently you receive these; every post, daily digest, weekly absorb, month-to-month absorb, or never ever. It is recommended that the very best alternative is the everyday absorb. You can quickly click the link supplied in the email if you wish to check out the complete post, or respond.

Make sure you use your study group and engage if you wish to pass your course with flying colours. Peer to peer learning is a key way to ensure you comprehend the material better, and remain determined. So get onto the website and post, frequently!




Having full-time staff readily available throughout the year is essential to making sure that all trainees have the access to the institution that will keep them studying. The college does not close for Christmas, and is open every weekday unless there is a public holiday.

The TWP Academy teachers are readily available on the telephone Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. These lecturers belong to our full time staff, so your lecturer in most topics is onsite and able to talk with you immediately. It is crucial that you understand whether the teacher for your course is a full time employee when selecting a college. Otherwise you will not have instant access to talk to them if you do require aid.

You can also speak to the administrative staff if you need to know if your assignment was gotten, or want to know where your next set of books are.




TWP Academy believes that the communication from the college to the student must be proactive. That indicates allot of communication so that you constantly understand exactly what is going on.

SMS is used to communicate statements, or for very important details. For example you will receive an SMS with your marks as quickly as your assignment is marked.


About Us


Watch this short video that is about us, and see what makes TWP Academy so special.  Join us today and we will be your partner in getting qualified.  We will walk by you every step of the way.

about us


Last updated: September 24, 2018

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