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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, South Africa

The premier courses offered by TWP Academy are accredited by the ICB.  Which means that most of our students need detailed information about ICB exams.

Understanding how the whole ICB qualification and exams works will help you enormously as you move through your course.  In order to ensure that our students are able to navigate their ICB studies both we and our sister company information about ICB exams.

ICB exams are the main way in which the ICB will know that you are competent in a specific subject so that you can pass your qualification.  The final exam counts for 70% of the final mark, with only 30% being allocated to work that you complete by yourself at home.  So you can see that a large emphasis is placed on the ICB exam.

When you first book your exam with the ICB they will send you your Portfolio of Evidence about 3 to 4 weeks later.  This is a folder that contains many forms and information, as well as the assessments and activities you need to do at home.  You can check if your details are correct, and work your way through all the coursework.  You then take these work along to the final exam, and hand it in with the exam paper once you have completed.


Links to pages with General Information About ICB Exams


These pages give you general information About ICB Exams and assessments, the exam registration forms, as well as how to get a re-assessment should you not be able to write the exam, or fail the exam.



Recognition of Prior Learning


Did you know that you can sometimes be exempted from certain subjects in your course due to previous courses you  have studied, or from your work experience?  This will mean that for every subject you are exempted from you will not have to write the exam for that subject.  Instead you will be given full credits for that subject without doing any coursework or exams.

This is called recognition of prior learning, and it can save you allot of time in your course if you take the time to apply properly.  Remember that only the ICB can issue this recognition of prior learning, so this is not approved until they have officially said yes.

About ICB Exams

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About ICB Exams


Last updated: September 24, 2018

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