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Speak with a Course Expert at Home Study College


Your studies is one of the most important decisions you can make, and you deserve to get advice from an expert. You should talk with someone that deals with study choices and career choices every day. An insider.

If you are ready to speak to someone who knows education and works with it every day, then make an appointment to speak to a Course Expert now.

Your course expert will help you decide the right course of study, the right study plan, and the right plan to finance your studies now.

Call your Course Expert Toll Free on 0800 39 00 27

What will your course expert discuss with you?


  1. Many options

When you start investigating what course to study, you will find that there are many options. You have to choose what course you want to study, what field of study you want to specialise in, whether you want a full qualification or whether you just need a short skills course, how much you can afford to pay, and what payment options are available, how your studies will fit in with your career and many other small and big things that your Course Expert will discuss with you.


  1. Expert Advice

Your Course Expert is someone who knows the challenges and opportunities of Home Study. She deals with many different students and she has a deep understanding of education. Most of our Course Experts have studied with Home Study College or are currently studying with Home Study College. So she understands how home study works, and where the little shortcuts and the unexpected bumps in the road are hidden.

Your Course Expert is your guide through the process of finding and registering on the correct course for you.

Your Course Expert knows the inner workings of Home Study College. Any question you have, she will know the answer, or get you the right answer.


  1. No Pressure

This is a big decision. Adults study because they want the fastest road to improving their careers, their income and their skills. Studying is not a decision you should take under pressure. And you will find that our friendly Course Experts understand that. They have the patience to make sure you understand all the options and select the right solutions for you… without any pressure.

If you need someone to give you that little push to jump-start your studies… then we also do that for you! We believe that is positive pressure that we all sometimes need to get us going.

Your Course Expert will guide you as fast or as slow as you need. She will take care of you and in your first few days with Home Study College, and make sure that she hands you over to Tutors and Lecturers who cares for you as much as she does.


  1. The right choice for You

Once you start telling your family, friends and co-workers that you are thinking of studying; you will get a lot of advice. People think that because they did some studies themselves, they are equipped to give you advice on your studies. They mean well, but they cannot help you.

Please don’t take advice from people who are not actually studying themselves right now, or who are professionals who really understand education and the options available to adult learners.

With your Course Expert you will work through all the options available to you. Looking at things like entrance criteria, length of course, accreditations, professional recognition, career fit, cost, payment options and bringing it back to what you actually want to achieve with your studies.

Your Course Expert help you make the sensible link between what you want to achieve with your studies, and the course you select. If you need just a short course so you will be considered for that promotion you deserve, then we will make sure you don’t register for anything more than just what you need.

If you need a complete, accredited qualification; so that you can become a member of a professional body, then we will make sure you understand all the elements involved. From membership fees to exam registration closing dates.


  1. The best advice on paying for your studies

You will see that we don’t give a list of course prices on our website. To get the price you need to contact one of our Course Experts, so that they can make sure you get the right price for the right course.

If you simply want to compare the prices of different educational institutions, then we are probably not the right place for you. We are not trying to be the cheapest place to study. We want to be the right place to study.

We are a full-service, high-end quality Private Education Provider. That means that we make sure you study the right course, and that we help you day by day to make sure you finish your course successfully.

If you finish your course, you will be happy with the price you paid. If you don’t finish your course, no matter how “cheap” it was… you will feel angry that you wasted your time and money.

Your Course Expert will explain the difference between a shorter course, a one-year course, and a full qualification that can take up to three years to complete. For example, if you want to study Bookkeeping, you can do a short course in three months, or you can do a Certificate level course of a year, or you might need to do a full Diploma that can take three years to do. To decide which one is right for you, is something you need a Course Expert to help you with.


  1. Hidden Costs?

Do you know if your course materials will be sent to you via the Post Office? Or will your study materials be Couriered? Or will some of it get Couriered and some of it get Posted?

Do you get all your study material from your education provider? Or do you get some notes and a list of textbooks you must buy from a bookstore?

Are there exam fees and membership fees that you should know about? Do you know how much these fees are? Are they included in your course fees, or must you save up to pay them later?

Your Course Expert understands all the costs. She wants to make sure you don’t get an ugly surprise about hidden costs later on in your studies. When she gives you the course fee, she makes sure that it includes everything. And if there are things you will need to pay that are not included in the course fees (for example: Professional Body Membership Fees), then she will alert you to these costs, and she will be able to tell you how much they will be, and when you will have to pay.


  1. No Paperwork

When you are ready to Register, we can do your complete registration over the phone. We know you have a busy work and home life. So you will find us always trying to make it easier and faster for you. Whenever we can do the work for you, we shall!

When we are required to keep some of your documents on record, then we shall get those from you once you have started your studies. Some regulatory bodies (for example the Institutes of Certified Bookkeepers) require that we keep things like a copy of your ID document. Once you are studying, we shall remind you to send us a copy, and if you lost it we shall even give you advice on how to get a new one!

We believe your studies should not be delayed because you might have misplaced some documents. So even if a document is missing, we shall work with you to find a solution.


  1. We help students every day, and we love it!

We work in education because we love helping people. Whether you chat to your Course Expert or your Tutor, you will find people who can tell you about how they have changed the lives of our students and how much it means to them to help you succeed.

Take the next step in securing your financial future. Fill in the form below and we will phone you right back.